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bookCoverGod made the will power in the words

to all of his sheep to come into his

spirit of holiness

My word are the presence of God

and among the grace of my heart

What are your words in the living God?

What can we offer to the Almighty God who created the world and gifted man with life? Faith. Faith can overpower evil and overcome temptations thrown our way.

In Hope in the Spirit, author Lillie Mae Hipps-Dickerson showcases a profound collection of poetry that clearly reflects her faith and love to the Lord.

With more than sixty poems for the soul, readers will fall to the rhythm of words and realize the essence of the Creator in each of their lives.

 Some poems depict the hardships and struggles she has to go through, including her suffering of polio at a young age. Others encourage reviving the spirit of sharing, the importance of peace and harmony and the wonderful deeds that a man can do for his fellow.

Most of them motivate the readers to give their trust to God, and remember Him through the good times and the bad.

She tells how God bless His people with the gift of wisdom and talent to go through life, use them as an instrument for peace and inspire love in every heart.

Evocative and thought-provoking, Hope in the Spirit does not only enrich one’s heart but also the very soul.